Talking to Pet Owners About Microchipping

Wednesday, May 31, 2023 by Lauren Piandes, Brand & Content Manager at PetLink
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Talking to Pet Owners About Microchipping

Guest blog provided by our friends and integration partners at PetLink

Pet parents are usually surprised to learn 1 in 3 pets will be lost in their lifetime. Each year, thousands of pets are reunited with their families due to the power of registered microchips. That’s why these microchip conversations are fundamental: they educate pet owners, keep pets in your community safe, and bring happy clients back through your clinic doors time and time again! Here are some topics that could help you start the conversation:

Microchips Are a Permanent Form of Identification

Less than 50% of lost dogs and less than 25% of lost cats have any identification (collar tag or microchip) when they are found. Collar tags should be worn by all pets but can easily come off a pet who slips through a fence or off their leash. Letting pet owners know microchips provide permanent and unique identification for their pets is essential, as it educates them on how to best protect their pets.

Key Timeframes for Lost Pets

Pets go missing every day but there are key times each year when shelters deal with the most lost and found pets. Here is a list of ranked holidays where the most pets become lost:

  1. July 4th
  2. Halloween
  3. New Years Eve/Day
  4. Spring/Summer due to open doors, windows, garages, etc.

Make a note to your staff about checking chips and starting conversations with pet owners before these key timeframes. These actions will increase the chances of microchipping and protecting more pets in your community.

Protecting Pets in New Homes

Dogs and cats who have spent a part of their lives in shelters or rescues, or that have often changed their environment, are more prone to run away. Animals need time to settle in and recognize a new home, and may try to run away to go back to a place it considers “safe” during the transition period. 

When a pet owner brings in a newly adopted pet, it’s important to scan the pet for a microchip, and explain to the pet owner the importance of registering their new pet in an online database (like PetLink!). If the pet does not have a microchip already implanted, it’s the perfect opportunity to speak to them about why their pet should have one.

Sharing Stories of Hope for Pet Owners

Pet owners do not “expect” their pets to go missing. It can happen at any time or any place and is distressing for all involved. Even the most well-behaved pets can become frightened and take off running when we least expect it. On our website, we have a section of pets being reunified with their owners through their microchips. We call these our “Together Again” stories. You can direct pet owners to this page to show them how microchips help pets within minutes, days, or months of getting lost. It inspires hope and shows them that microchipping works!

At PetLink, we know better than most accidents can happen, and pets can get lost. We hope that these topics will help you talk about the importance of microchipping to pet owners, and in turn, help more pets in your community return home!

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