Vet software that speaks your language

You’ll love the convenience of Shepherd’s robust client communication tools and mass messaging automations built right into your software.

Mobile friendly vet practice software

Tools to stay connected - included at no extra charge

Mobile friendly vet practice software

Save time

Your team will spend less time on the phone and answering emails - and more time with patients.

Mobile friendly vet practice software

Reduce third party costs

Our messaging center, pet portal - and yes, even two-way texting - are included for free with your Shepherd subscription.

Mobile friendly vet practice software

Boost compliance

Improve patient health with automated reminders that ensure clients stay on top of wellness visits, vaccinations, and more.

Shepherd works the way you do

Messaging Center

Use templates to send customized communications based on patient data and medical records. Create tailored messages using filters for age, breed, and more.

Unlimited two-way texting

Never lose a text conversation again!

  • Auto populates text messages directly into the patient’s medical record
  • Multiple templates for everything from lab results to post-anesthesia check-ins
  • Just drop a template into chat and hit send or schedule for a future date

Mass communication tools

Support the vet-client-patient-relationship (VCPR)

  • Convenient mass text (SMS) and email
  • Quickly share info on practice closures, holiday hours, and monthly promotions
  • Send to your entire client base or a subset of clients using audience filters

Online pet portal

Clients can reach you without even having to pick up the phone

  • Request prescription refills and book appointments
  • View pets' medical records and print vaccine certificates
  • See reminders and pay outstanding balances
Mobile friendly vet practice software

Automatic appointment reminders

Improve patient compliance and save your team time with customizable text and email auto reminders that help increase visits to your practice. You’ll decrease missed appointments, and pet owners will stay happily informed about vaccination schedules, prescription refills, and post-procedure follow-ups.

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The heart of Shepherd

Just like you're always there for your patients, Shepherd is here for you. Built by vets and driven by a clinically trained team, Shepherd’s in your corner — literally — just use the chat function in the right-hand corner of Shepherd and we’ll respond ASAP!

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Mobile friendly vet practice software
Shepherd works the way you do

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Intuitive dashboard

See everything you need in one simple

Automation tools

Ensure seamless charge capture from estimate to invoice

Shepherd Pay

Save on third-party costs with built-in payment processing

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