Shepherd's intuitive SOAP-based medical records


Appreciate Shepherd's attractive design and intuitive interface. It doesn't just look good—we specially designed Shepherd to match how you process patients and work throughout your shift.

  • Intuitive SOAP-based medical records
  • Practical high-level dashboard with critical info and patient statuses
Shepherd works the way you do


Enter a patient's information once and let our robust automation tools take over, saving you time, eliminating duplicate steps, capturing all charges for accurate invoicing, minimizing the chance for human error, and ensuring consistent care.

  • Streamlined invoices, calculated doses, discharge instructions, future treatment reminders
  • Automated tasks linked to products and services, including follow-up calls and room sterilization
Inventory - trackable treatments, prescriptions, PPE, medical supplies, expirations, sellable items


Effortlessly track inventory—which is automatically updated with each product administration—so you know when you're running low on supplies to schedule re-orders.

  • Trackable treatments, prescriptions, PPE, medical supplies, expirations, sellable items

Integrated reports

Access the complete picture of your practice anytime, anywhere by easily generating accurate, detailed reports for everything you need to track.

  • Automatic end-of-day reporting, commissions, treatments, patients, inactive clients
  • Accurate reporting for administration and compliance

Client perks

Client reminders

  • Can be tied to any product/treatment
  • Automatically queued when specific treatments are administered and sent at your specified intervals

Easy estimates

  • Can be created inside and outside a patient's record
  • Quick to add to a patient's treatment plan
  • Easy client approval—whether curbside or in-person

Organized documentation

  • All client/patient info clearly organized and easy to access from one convenient place
  • Medical records, patient information, vaccination histories, past payments, and prescription details easily available for clients upon request

Integrated solutions

Payment processes

  • Automatic charge capturing–if it's in the medical record, it's on the invoice
  • Flexible invoices–add products and services inside and outside of the medical record

Lab integrations

  • Antech
  • Zoetis
  • Coming Soon:
  • VetCove
  • Asteris

Easy inputting

Streamlined medical care


  • Real-time transparency into what's happening at your practice
  • Easy navigation to everything, from backend functionality to specific sections of a record
  • Clear layout shows patient's SOAP status and location


  • Vital comparison chart
  • Basic patient information always visible in record
  • Clear view of medical and prescription history


  • Provides at-a-glance view of current treatments
  • Easy to sort, search, and filter
  • One click to get to a patient's record for fast treatment administration


  • Customizable appointment types tied to provider availability
  • Intuitive new patient scheduling—quick create patient profiles from schedule information
  • Blocked provider time slots for non-patient activities
Mobile friendly vet practice software

Works where you do

Because Shepherd runs in the cloud, you're not tethered to Earth (or your desk). Access Shepherd from anywhere on a desktop or tablet.

Shepherd works the way you do

Even more features

Complete activity logs

Know which user made changes and when for every action within Shepherd.

Robust internal documentation

  • Client profiles
  • Patient profiles
  • Invoices
  • Medical records

Autosaved patient reports

Access documented work or information whenever you want, wherever you are.

Patient health tracking

Track patient's weight and chronic diseases automatically for consistent continued care.

Easy-to-make vaccine certificates

Quickly create and share vaccination certificates from an active record, invoice, or patient's dashboard.

Physical exam templates

Multiple, fully customizable templates included to suit your practice's specific needs.

Your subscription always includes

  • Unlimited users
  • Migration + ongoing support
  • Expert help & training
  • No migration fees
  • No training fees
  • No charges for extra features
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