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Let Shepherd do the work for you! Our intelligently designed software automations save time and ensure seamless charge capture from estimate to invoice.

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Mobile friendly vet practice software

Shepherd builds the medical record and invoice simultaneously - so you never miss a single charge

Mobile friendly vet practice software

Accurate medical records

Easily add services individually or as bundles to an estimate

  • Adjust as needed (e.g. if a client declines a service)
  • Obtain a client signature from any device
  • With one click the estimate becomes the treatment plan
  • One more click, and it's all on the invoice
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Charge capture

Shepherd ensures you capture all your hard-earned revenue

  • Eliminate missed charges and improve your bottom line
  • Once a treatment is administered, it automatically gets added to the invoice
  • Reduce the chance of human error
Mobile friendly vet practice software
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Mobile friendly vet practice software

Discharge instructions

Save time by automatically generating discharge instructions and client education handouts directly from the medical record

  • Provide information on medications, vaccinations, diagnoses, post-surgery recommendations
  • Customize discharge instructions on a case-by-case basis
  • Email and/or print directly from the patient’s SOAP or with the invoice
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Communication tools

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