Why Website Design & Communication Is More Important Than You Think

Tuesday, Apr 9, 2024 by Autoremind
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Why Website Design & Communication Is More Important Than You Think

Guest blog provided by our friends at AutoRemind

AutoRemind offers Workflow Automation, Practice Marketing, and Client Communication tools for veterinary practices. Our solutions optimize practice operations, boost online presence, and enhance vet-client relationships, fostering efficiency and business growth.

Having an appealing, mobile-friendly website is crucial in today’s digital landscape. Even more attention needs to be paid to the website content and communication. Let us explain why.

Analytics tools like Google Analytics provides insights into visitor behavior on websites. After analyzing numerous sites, we’ve found that visitors typically spend a little more than a minute browsing one or two pages., often starting with the homepage and then exploring the staff or services page. Over 85% of these visitors are new to your site.

This means that visitors to veterinarian sites are new potential clients that are “window shopping” - checking out if your practice is a good option for what they are looking for. Contrary to popular belief, existing customers seldom engage with website content of their veterinarians, doctors, or any other vendors they use. Think about it - how often do you visit your doctor or dentist’s website? Probably rarely, if ever.

Effective communication is key

You have a very short window - some say less than ten seconds to capture your visitor’s attention. Therefore, your website must be concise and engaging. While many practices choose to flood their site with content, it’s essential to remember that the average human reading speed is around 200 words per minute and wordy, lengthy messaging drives site visitors to drop. Thus, less can often be more.

To create compelling website messaging, make sure you:

  • Communicate your practice’s three unique selling points.
  • Showcase independent reviews, such as Google Reviews, Yelp, etc.
  • Highlight your doctors and staff — this is some of the most frequently requested information by potential clients.

These elements should be prominently displayed on your website’s landing page, as they form the basis of your company’s pitch and make that critical first impression, enticing your visitors to learn more and spend more time on your site, or reach out to you. Make sure your contact information is prominent and readily available, along with an easy way to schedule appointments.

As an example, take a look at

Integrate Your Site With Your Practice Management Software - Shepherd Veterinary Software

Our site visitor analytics indicate that existing clients rarely visit your website unless they are directed there By integrating a communication system that connects your practice data in Shepherd, you unlock a valuable opportunity to drive your existing clients to your site.

Blog Content: Many believe that blog posts and articles are found and read by their clients, but we’ve found that is not the case. However, if you send a post-appointment message automatically based on the appointment type, you can send relevant and valuable content for your clients or give them a link to check out a blog on your site. For example, after a senior pet wellness exam, you can link an article about the importance of staying up-to-date with visits for older pets.

Sales and Promotional Offers: You can also drive existing customers to your site via sales offers. For example, you can target dog owners with a special offer on dog food via personalized messages that direct them to your site for details and potential purchases from your online store.

Online Forms: Incorporating online forms on your website streamlines processes by offering forms for specific appointment types, such as surgeries or procedures. You can also send them directly to clients via text, email, or via automated reminders using the Shepherd integration.

Reputation: Many veterinary practices find success in automatically prompting their clients to leave reviews after their visits and showcasing them on their website.

These are just a couple of examples of how you can enhance the value of your website through integration with Shepherd data, facilitated by AutoRemind.

AutoRemind is unique in providing both, comprehensive client communication solutions and practice marketing. This includes websites, reputation management, mass messaging, reminders via an integration with Shepherd Software. We optimize workflows by converting old PDF forms into online versions, automatically scheduling appointments for clients that need to be seen, and more.

Check us out at, setup a free consultation here:, and see how this veterinarian works with AutoRemind:

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