How Using Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Benefits Your Veterinary Practice

Friday, Dec 30, 2022 by Cindy Barnes, DVM, CVSMT
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How Using Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Benefits Your Veterinary Practice

Electronic Medical Record Systems — An Undeniable Advantage  

For many veterinary practices, transitioning from traditional paper to electronic medical records can seem daunting—but after the initial conversion, most wish they’d taken the leap sooner. Following are just a few advantages of switching to a practice management software (PIMS) that utilizes an electronic medical records (EMR) system, such as Shepherd Veterinary Software.

No more handwritten errors—improve accuracy and consistency for all users

Handwritten medical records can decrease efficiency and put patient safety at risk. Poor penmanship (commonly called “chicken scratch”), abbreviations, and missing information can lead to lost time, missing charges, and patient care errors. Electronic records eliminate legibility-based challenges—which can be a serious liability for any veterinary practice. Instead, EMRs provide quick access to the most pertinent patient information right when you need it.

Shepherd Veterinary Software’s preselected templates, prompts, and intuitive workflows ensure that each team member inputs the right information in the correct location for easy referencing and follow-up. No more missing vitals, disorganized pages, or incomplete SOAPs. Phew!

Access and share patient information from virtually anywhere

Cloud-based software allows you to access a patient’s EMR from most devices, including tablets and smartphones. Whether on farm calls, house calls, curbside, or working from home, an electronic medical record gives you instant access to patient records. You can check the latest lab results and input exam findings and recommendations directly into the pet’s SOAP (no more scrap paper that gets lost in your pocket!). 

Mobile access to your software helps you stay in sync with your team back at the office and simplifies case collaboration. With an EMR like Shepherd Veterinary Software, you can easily share a patient’s EMR with colleagues, consultants, or a referral specialist. Your administrative team—and your fax machine—will thank you.  

Find what you need at a glance—it’s all within easy reach 

Electronic medical records provide you and your team access to an entire patient database with one click. An easily scannable snapshot of the pet’s signalment, status, and essential information (e.g., alerts, pet preferences) is right at your fingertips. The days of missing charts are over! No longer will you be without a chart because a colleague is making notes.

With a simple keyword search feature—such as the one included in Shepherd Veterinary Software—you can quickly gather necessary information from the pet’s record. Instead of  endlessly scrolling or shuffling through loose papers, you can stay focused on your patient. Shepherd also includes integrations with many reference laboratory partners, which helps ensure that patient test results are easily viewable in each pet’s record. No need to wait by the fax machine, sift through your inbox, or log in to a separate database.

Skip the late nights with seamless real-time charting

EMR portability and integrated services allow you to record exam findings quickly and easily. Instead of your chart pile growing ominously larger with every appointment, you can input your findings in real time. Use a convenient, integrated talk-to-text dictation app or input the necessary data minutes after the pet’s visit. Shortcut features, such as templates, auto-fill options, and prompts, eliminate duplication so you can focus on new information, see more patients—and still get home on time.

Get rid of the busy work!

In many traditional paper-based vet practices, the wall of records looks—and acts—like a logjam between the hospital’s front and back offices. 

With electronic medical records, you can end the repetitive busy work that fills your administrative team’s day. Eliminate the pulling and preparing charts, tracking down missing or delinquent records, filing, faxing, scanning, or straining to decipher a vet’s handwriting. Instead, your front desk team can retrieve, review, and share medical records with a simple click. Additional EMR integrations can reduce outgoing and inbound call traffic, such as automated client reminders and online pet owner portals. Your client services team will now be free to provide in-person clients with higher-quality, personalized service.

Protect and secure confidential patient information

Paper records can easily be altered, damaged, copied, or stolen, putting your patients or business at risk. A fire, flood, or even a simple sprinkler system glitch can destroy hundreds or thousands of pet charts, leaving you with no way to replace years of confidential patient information. 

Cloud-based EMR systems such as Shepherd Veterinary Software are protected by extensive cybersecurity protocols and the most advanced data encryption. Regularly scheduled surveillance and monitoring ensure that your patient, client, and business data are safe from virtual threats. Additional security measures, such as password protection, assigned permissions, and access restrictions, help prevent in-house tampering, data manipulation, and theft. Lastly, intangible electronic records are safe from natural disasters—including you carrying a full cup of coffee on a Monday morning.

If you’re holding on to traditional paper-based records because electronic medical records feel like too much hassle, add up how much time and money your current system is costing your practice. Shepherd Veterinary Software’s cloud-based veterinary practice management system can radically enhance your practice’s efficiency, accuracy, and productivity, helping you take home more stories and less stress.

Visit our website to explore Shepherd’s thoughtful, veterinarian-designed features and powerful integrations. You can also schedule a time to experience them first-hand with a personalized demo.

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