The Best Vet Financing Options for Your Clients

Friday, Jun 30, 2023 by Cindy Barnes, DVM, CVSMT
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The Best Vet Financing Options for Your Clients

Today, many pet parents are looking for a vet payment plan to help offset the financial burden of caring for their pet families. You can make it easier on them—and your team—by providing financing options directly from your veterinary practice management software.

Shepherd Veterinary Software financing integrations are powerful tools that help improve patient care, drive client compliance, increase practice revenue, and boost team morale in just a few clicks. Learn how our veterinary financing integrations can transform your workflows and help you provide exceptional care for more pets than ever before. 

Why offer veterinary financing?

Cost-of-care discussions can be a sensitive issue for many pet owners, especially when their love for their pet exceeds the depth of their pocketbook. Fortunately, today’s pet financing companies and other cost-based solutions improve clients’ access to care without costing your team extra time or frustration.

When you offer clients options for vet bill financing, you make it easier for them to care for their pets. The benefits of pet financing offers include:

  • A higher level of care for more pets — Financing options, incentives, and loyalty programs increase access to veterinary care. More clients can now afford necessary pet care services without hardship or compromise.
  • Better outcomes and long-term health — Clients approved for financing won’t need to postpone their pet’s care until they can afford to cover the expense or, worse, forget to return altogether.
  • Client loyalty and relationship — Providing clients with pet-care financing options demonstrates your practice’s compassion and dedication to helping their pets. Accessible options such as pay-over-time solutions deter pet parents from price shopping and seeking care for their pet elsewhere. 
  • Increased revenue — Clients are more likely to agree to the entire treatment plan and additional services because they aren’t restricted by lump sum up-front costs.
  • Team morale — Providing necessary care is intrinsically rewarding and improves your team members’ job satisfaction. Financing integrations reduce the stress and the discomfort of having cost-based discussions, and help make clients amenable to your recommendations.
  • Convenience — With veterinary financing integrations, your team members do not have to manage or track in-house financing plans or arrangements. The entire team can stay focused on what matters most—patient care.

Shepherd makes it easy to have the financing discussion

In the past, team members had to present clients with payment financing options during veterinary appointments. Clients were then required to fill out lengthy forms, which had to be faxed and reviewed, often delaying treatment. If a team member was unfamiliar with the intricacies of a particular financing option, the client may have immediately declined or been reluctant to apply altogether.

In contrast, Shepherd Veterinary Software provides a quick, simple, and user-friendly client and team member experience. Shepherd’s financial integrations eliminate the hassle, time, and uncertainty of pet care loans and pay-over-time opportunities. 

Let’s take a look at two unique Shepherd financing options for your clients. Already eager to get started? For existing Shepherd users, simply visit your settings page and toggle on the following integrations.

Sunbit integration for veterinary practices

Shepherd is the first veterinary practice management software to integrate Sunbit technology into its workflow to help pet owners finance vet bills. Thousands of merchants nationwide have exhibited their trust in Sunbit’s user-friendly, 30-second application process, 90% approval rate, and quick, in-full merchant payments.

When you enable the Sunbit integration in your Shepherd settings, information about Sunbit and a prequalification link are automatically added to pet owners’ email and text appointment reminders. Clients interested in a vet payment plan can now arrive at their pet’s appointment already prepared. Information about Sunbit’s Care Now, Pay-Over-Time solution is also added to in-clinic estimates which automatically allows clients to review financing options to pay for their pet’s care.

In addition to the hassle-free application process, Sunbit’s high consumer-approval rating can be attributed to the simplicity and transparency of personalized offers,no hard credit checks to apply*, or late or penalty fees,. Veterinary practices enjoy immediate and full payment and the opportunity to provide enhanced quality of care to more pets. For more details about Sunbit, including one veterinarian’s video testimonial, check out our previous article.

Greenline integration for veterinary practices

Shepherd and Greenline have partnered in a different way to improve access to veterinary care. With Greenline, your clients benefit from cost-saving offers and opportunities such as coupons, rebates, and loyalty or wellness programs. Greenline leads the industry in digital processing support for product offers, manufacturer incentives, and loyalty programs, so your team can focus on providing exceptional care, not searching coupons.

Greenline integrates with your Shepherd Veterinary Software to identify and track eligible items, providing instant access to corresponding rebates, discounts, and incentives. When clients discover how much they can save or be reimbursed by acting on a limited-time offer, they’re more likely to approve recommended services, additional items, or pet care products. Greenline access drives compliance and confidence as pet owners come to associate your practice with compassionate customer service and pet-centered—not cost-centered—veterinary care.

Providing your clients with user-friendly financial options demonstrates that the human-animal bond can’t be measured in dollars and cents—and shouldn’t be restricted by finances, either. Increasing access to vet care through integrations such as Sunbit and Greenline empowers clients to give their pets the best life possible—with no guilt, worry, or compromise. Your team will feel the joy and satisfaction of providing higher quality care for an ever-increasing number of pets.

Are you ready to discover how Shepherd Veterinary Software can deliver better workflows, improve productivity, enhance client and team experiences, and increase revenue for your practice? Rediscover the joy of providing high-quality veterinary medicine: Contact us, or go online to schedule your free demo

*Subject to approval based on creditworthiness. Payment due at checkout. 0-35.99% APR. Not available in VT, WV, or WY. Account openings and payment activity are reported to a major credit bureau. Sunbit Now, LLC is licensed under the CT Laws Relating to Small Loans (lic. # SLC-1760582 & SLC-BCH-1844702); NMLS ID 1760582. Loans are made by Transportation Alliance Bank, Inc., dba TAB Bank, which determines qualifications for and terms of credit.

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