Don’t Worry, It’s Friendly: Cloud-Based Veterinary Software

Wednesday, May 8, 2024 by Cindy Barnes, DVM, CVSMT
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Don’t Worry, It’s Friendly: Cloud-Based Veterinary Software

Practice information management systems (PIMS) are the heartbeat of every successful veterinary hospital. They play a critical role in facilitating smooth operations, enhancing communication, and improving patient and client care. Of course, not all veterinary software is created equal. True game-changing benefits lie in a platform’s user-friendly solutions, such as seamless integration with the team’s workflow, ensuring delivery of top-notch service while maximizing productivity.

Shepherd Veterinary Software was built to bring satisfaction and balance to the lives of veterinary professionals. From one-click functions to an intuitive and clean design, each feature has been carefully designed to ensure Shepherd isn’t merely software, but an invaluable team member.

Intuitive workflows

Shepherd Veterinary Software is designed to work like a veterinary professional, eliminating the need for workarounds, repetitive data entry, and unnecessary back and forth. With linear SOAP workflows, Shepherd helps veterinary teams move smoothly through an appointment by inputting necessary information as the visit progresses, ensuring accuracy during the exam and in the patient record. 

For example, at the front desk, Shepherd streamlines new patient scheduling by eliminating redundancies and allowing your client service team to make a smooth and successful first impression

Simplified design

Working in veterinary medicine is challenging enough—you don’t need a PIMS that draws your eye in a hundred directions or overwhelms you with pop-up windows and flashing tabs. Shepherd’s clean and simplified interface was intentionally created for easy viewing. The real-time dashboard provides direct access to the information you need, and each screen’s thoughtful layout will help you feel organized and in control—no matter what’s happening around you.

Hard-working automation tools

There’s nothing friendlier than a helping hand. Shepherd’s strategic and versatile automations allow users to offload time-consuming tasks without compromising accuracy, efficiency, or quality. Automations such as client reminders, patient information, invoicing, and drug dosing minimize human error so the entire team can enjoy greater peace of mind and feel free to focus on providing an exceptional patient/client experience.

Effortless reporting

Shepherd Veterinary Software’s automatic report generation accelerates data collection and analysis. By continuously tracking information and showcasing detailed revenue, expenses, and operational trends, Shepherd enables more precise and strategic decision-making. Practice leaders can feel more confident in allocating resources, maximizing profitability, and identifying areas for growth and improvement.

Ready-to-use templates and automatic discharge instructions

Built-in templates and discharge instructions for specific circumstances and health conditions provide many benefits, including:

  • Helping your practice save time
  • Meeting legal and ethical requirements
  • Improving compliance
  • Ensuring consistent messaging and client education
  • Easily documenting and saving critical information or communications within the electronic medical record (EMR)

Instead of generating these forms from scratch, users can quickly retrieve, customize, and share professional and personalized documents and educational resources.

Integrations for greater customization

Shepherd Veterinary Software integrates with many industry-leading diagnostic labs, client communication, education, and management tools to ensure harmonious functionality throughout your facility and at every step of the patient-client journey. Our growing catalog of integrations ensures you can continue to rely on the tools and names you trust while also benefiting from new and innovative services that will enhance your practice’s daily operations. 

Remote access brings everyone together

Cloud-based PIMS provides the flexibility, versatility, and security that modern veterinary teams require. The ability to access your practice’s schedule, patient records, diagnostics, and reports from anywhere ensures better oversight, continuity of care, and peace of mind. Practice leadership can monitor daily operations, veterinarians can check in on their patients, and everyone can stay informed with real-time messaging, chat functions, and cloud-synced EMRs. Lastly, knowing all this data is carefully protected with the latest encryption and cyber security measures gives everyone greater peace of mind.

Win, win: Friendly software = Happier, more productive teams

The benefits of user-friendly, cloud-based software extend far beyond operational efficiency. You’ll also be helping foster positive team dynamics and boosting workplace morale. Equip your veterinary team with intuitive yet powerful tools that support their workflow, promote collaboration, and ensure greater accuracy, safety, and job satisfaction. Then, witness how user-friendly PIMS, such as Shepherd Veterinary Software, can cultivate a healthier, happier workplace culture—ultimately driving the practice toward greater and more sustainable success.

Are you ready to experience the Shepherd difference for yourself? Contact us to schedule a personalized demo.

Shepherd Veterinary Software streamlines veterinary practice management

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