Improve Client Engagement with Veterinary Software

Wednesday, Feb 14, 2024 by Cindy Barnes, DVM, CVSMT
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Improve Client Engagement with Veterinary Software

In the dynamic world of veterinary medicine, client engagement plays a pivotal role in fostering long-term relationships and contributing to a practice’s overall success. As technology continues to evolve, veterinary software has emerged as a powerful tool for streamlining operations and enhancing the client experience. 

Below are eight ways you can use your practice management software to improve client engagement, boost compliance, and ensure practice growth.

1. Offer a pet portal

A pet portal is a surefire way to enhance client communication without tying up your phone lines. When pet owners have access to their pet’s medical history, vaccination certificates, online appointment booking, and prescription refill requests via a pet portal, they’re more likely to stay engaged and play an active role in their pet’s health care. 

Many clients prefer to take on these tasks themselves because it’s easier for them to fit their pet’s care into their busy schedules. A bonus is that it frees up your already overwhelmed customer service representatives (CSRs) from repetitive daily tasks. However, your technology must make the tasks easily accessible.

2. Streamline appointment scheduling

When you call your physician to schedule an appointment, you likely wish you could simply look at their calendar for available times and choose the most convenient slot yourself. Many of your clients probably feel the same way. When you allow clients to schedule their own appointments, they enjoy the freedom to choose their best time without running through their entire calendar with a CSR.

This also allows your clients to schedule appointments at their leisure. If they suddenly remember at midnight that their dog is due for a follow-up appointment, they can jump on your practice’s app or website and schedule a visit without needing to wait for business hours.

3. Use convenient appointment reminders

Missed appointments equal missed revenue-generating and pet-caring opportunities. Never let one go to waste—ensure your clients always remember their appointments with digital and physical appointment reminders. You can easily use your practice management software to generate reminders for all types of appointments, such as follow-up appointments, wellness visits, and post-surgical rechecks. 

4. Stay connected through text and email

When pets remain healthy between wellness visits because of regular preventive care, finding a reason to maintain communication with your clients can be tricky. However, you can keep in touch with pet owners by sending text messages or emails that share information about upcoming product promotions, practice improvements or changes, and at-home pet care tips. Connecting monthly with your clients with a meaningful, valuable message can help strengthen your relationship and make them lifelong clients.

5. Remember their birthday!

Make clients and patients feel special by sending personalized or automated text or email messages. When a new client schedules an appointment, or you see a new pet, send a welcome message. For a personal touch, customize automated messages with information specific to the pet’s age and breed. And, as your patients’ birthdays roll around, share birthday wishes for another year of good health—along with a link to your online appointment booking service so they can schedule their annual wellness visit.

6. Provide telemedicine services

Telemedicine services have become increasingly popular in an era where convenience is highly valued. Your veterinary software should include a telehealth integration that provides virtual consultations, follow-ups, and prescription renewal “visits.” This not only enhances client engagement but also accommodates busy schedules and facilitates client access to veterinary care from the comfort of home.

7. Simplify payment processing

Streamline financial transactions with an integrated payment processor in your veterinary software. This simplifies the billing process, allows clients to pay online, and provides detailed treatment plans and invoices through your pet portal. Make sure the payment process is easy and transparent to foster a positive client experience and trust in your practice.

8. Gather and utilize client feedback

Feedback is a valuable resource for improving services and engaging clients. Include features, such as automated messaging systems, in your veterinary software that allow clients to provide feedback. You can use this information to identify areas for improvement and address concerns promptly. Social media and marketing materials can also highlight positive reviews to showcase your practice success stories.Modern, cloud-based practice management software can help veterinary practices significantly improve client engagement and satisfaction. From streamlined appointment scheduling to transparent communication and telemedicine services, investing in technology can propel your veterinary practice into the future. These strategies will create a client-centric approach that exceeds—not merely meets—pet owners’ expectations in today’s digital age. Contact our Shepherd Veterinary Software team to schedule your free demo.

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