5 Ways Veterinary Phone Systems Can Enhance the Client Experience

Wednesday, Aug 9, 2023 by Cindy Barnes, DVM, CVSMT
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5 Ways Veterinary Phone Systems Can Enhance the Client Experience

Every time the phone rings, your veterinary practice has an opportunity to not only book appointments and manage pet owner concerns, but also strengthen the veterinarian-client bond. Veterinary phone systems must integrate with practice management software to ensure a highly personalized, efficient client experience.

Here are a few ways veterinary phone systems—including those integrated with Shepherd Veterinary Software—can take your team’s phone skills and client communication to the next level.  

#1: Personalization that begins with “Hello”

Veterinary phone systems use voice-over-internet phone (VoIP) technology to integrate with practice management software, providing instant on-screen caller identification and one-click access to the client’s chart. This allows your client service representatives (CSRs) to recognize the caller, see their updated information, and be poised to tackle any request (e.g., scheduling, refills, or creating a new pet chart) before they finish introducing the practice. Instead of using a generic prompt or asking an established client if they’ve visited the practice, team members can welcome the caller with a personalized and tailored greeting. Timely alerts and upcoming service reminders can help CSRs guide the conversation and provide targeted and instantaneous recommendations about the pet’s care. 

#2: Reduced phone time shows clients respect 

With the client’s key information at the ready, you no longer need to ask unnecessary or repetitive questions (e.g., how to spell the client or pet’s name). These previously unavoidable questions used to add significant time to each call and frustrated the caller and any waiting in-clinic clients. With VoIP technology connected to your veterinary software, CSRs can streamline each call, book and reschedule appointments, and request a medication refill, all with only a few clicks. With instant access to the client record, integrated phone systems also reduce data entry, minimizing costly scheduling errors. 

Saving precious seconds with every phone call may not seem significant, but efficient phone calls demonstrate respect for the client’s time and allow your team to prioritize in-clinic client service.

#3: Phone tree options allow your team to efficiently direct calls  

Another Shepherd Veterinary Software integration, Kontak, takes workflow efficiency a step further with a phone tree and directory options for incoming calls. This relieves your CSRs from the burden of screening and transferring calls and empowers clients to choose their call’s destination. They can also leave a voicemail in the appropriate inbox or a callback number to avoid long wait times. Automated after-hours call forwarding shows clients your commitment by connecting them with a phone triage service or the nearest veterinary emergency hospital. 

However, suppose you don’t have Kontak to increase efficiency. In that case, CSRs can use caller ID to strategically answer incoming calls (e.g., having a particular team member pick up the line to maintain consistency).

#4: Win new clients with efficient phone service and modern technology

When your team creates a new client account, phone systems such as FetchIt and Kontak can populate known fields, including phone number and name, if available. This streamlines relaying information and gives the client a positive first impression. Tech-driven efficiency is especially advantageous for wooing Millennial clientele, who expect a higher level of technology and client experience from their pet’s veterinarian—including the ability to recognize them when they call. Some veterinary phone systems also offer additional communication methods (e.g., text, live chat, online scheduling) that further boost client perceptions and help ensure your practice stands out as a modern, attentive veterinary care provider. 

#5: Ensure a consistent client experience

You can also use your veterinary phone system to track, review, and manage inbound calls. With time-stamped call history or call log displays, your team can view and access records of previous calls for follow-up. Call logs can also be synced with the patient’s chart to track inbound and outbound communication, leave detailed notes, and flag calls for follow-up. 

Ensure consistent client service with detailed call reports. Kontak offers additional call tracking and monitoring capabilities, including the ability to review team member performance indicators (e.g., phone call volume, call duration, client queue times) and to record calls for quality control. 

Ring once for exceptional service

Despite modern technological advances, the veterinary practice phone is still a lifeline for client communication. It offers powerful opportunities to enhance your clients’ experience, build and strengthen their loyalty, and show them how much your team truly cares.

Are your current veterinary practice management software and phone system sending the right message? Shepherd Veterinary Software partners with innovative integrations such as FetchIt and Kontak to ensure every call, text, and client communication is an opportunity for unparalleled service. Contact us today to schedule your free Shepherd demo. 

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